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The details in these pages are for informative purposes only. If you wish to attempt any of these projects yourself, you do so at your own risk. Whilst these pages provide information as to how I carried out the various projects (on my 2002 Model Year Petrol RHD X-Type) the same may not always be applicable to your vehicle.

If attempting to carry out any of the retrofits on my site, please remember that you do so at your own risk. Please ensure you know what you are doing as this is not a support site. The information is only provided from my own personal experience. If you require any advice concerning upgrades, or anything else Jaguar related, then www.jaguarforum.com is a great place to go.

X-Type.uk Projects

Retrofit Jaguar Voice Control

This project is still being written.

This project assumes that a phone module is already fitted and working complete with the microphone connected either in the roof centre console or (the better quality) surface mounted roof microphone. The voice system shares the same microphone used by the phone module.

Taking the standard phone loom, you need to locate the 3 wires that feed the input from the microphone into the phone module on pins 18 (green), 11 (white) and 17 (yellow). Cut these ensuring you leave tails on the phone module end to allow you  to re-make connections, as these connect into the voice module first before connections out of the voice module reconnect with the cut ends on the phone module.

Microphone Input (cut wires) Voice Module Phone Module Description
Old Pin 18 (green) 12 - Mic +
Old Pin 11 (white) 2 - Mic Braid
Old Pin 17 (yellow) 1 - Mic -
  13 tails on pin 18 (green) Mic +
  15 tails on pin 11 (white) Mic Braid
  3 tails on pin 17 (yellow) Mic -
  11 splice into wire on pin 9 (black) Ground
  14 splice into wire on pin 23 (orange) D2B Network Wake-up
  6 splice into wire on pin 29 (yellow) Ignition Switched Power Distribution: II (Run)
  8 splice into wire on pin 14 (yellow/green) Ignition Switched Power Distribution: I (Accessory)
  22 splice into wire on pin 12 (brown/red) Battery Power Distribution

All modules in the D2B fibre optic network must be re-connected in the correct order (see D2B Network). The D2B network is a closed-loop fibre optic network and any unused connectors must have a loop-back adapter fitted to ensure the ongoing flow of data throughout the loop.

Need to add an extra fibre optic connection to your existing D2B fibre optic cable? How to modify your D2B fibre optic cable

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