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The details in these pages are for informative purposes only. If you wish to attempt any of these projects yourself, you do so at your own risk. Whilst these pages provide information as to how I carried out the various projects (on my 2002 Model Year Petrol RHD X-Type) the same may not always be applicable to your vehicle.

If attempting to carry out any of the retrofits on my site, please remember that you do so at your own risk. Please ensure you know what you are doing as this is not a support site. The information is only provided from my own personal experience. If you require any advice concerning upgrades, or anything else Jaguar related, then www.jaguarforum.com is a great place to go.

X-Type.uk Projects

Fitting the Touchscreen with Satellite Navigation

Pre-requisites: You must already have Automatic Climate Control fitted and not manual aircon (3 rotary dials). See my Climate Control retrofit project for details on how to upgrade from the basic manual air conditioning.

Parts needed:

  • X-Type Touchscreen unit, with or without heated front window button (depending upon what you have installed)
  • CD/Radio Head unit, with fascia to match touch screen (black, grey or silver)
  • Remote Climate Control Module (RCCM)
  • DVD Navigation System
  • GPS Aerial
  • Fibre optic D2B link cable, dependent on telematic (phone, voice, CD changer, etc) modules already fitted in boot area
  • Custom harness
  • Mounting bracket, for boot, if not already present

Upgrade Process:

  1. Disconnect battery
  2. Remove existing climate control panel, and CD/Tape/Radio headunit
  3. Run custom harness from the telematics area of the boot (Left hand side) through the cable run to the front of the car and behind the dashboard. The custom harness is designed to be plug and play at both ends with just the ground lug in need of securing to the chassis at the DVD unit side. The existing radio connector will plug into the custom harness
  4. Connect the harness plugs into the back of the DVD Navigation Unit, along with the D2B fibre optic cable and the GPS antenna and mount the unit securely into the mounting bracket
  5. Connect white and black plugs from the climate control panel to the Remote Climate Control Module (RCCM) and position to the side of the heater matrix
  6. Connect the radio plug, D2B fibre optic cable and the aerial into the back of the radio headunit
  7. Connect the touchscreen connector into the back of the touchscreen
  8. Re-Connect the hazard warning light and seat heater plugs into the corresponding sockets (green = hazard lights = left hand connector)
  9. Re-Fit Touchscreen/Radio into dashboard
  10. Re-connect the battery and turn the ignition to ON
  11. The touchscreen should now request the radio code. Enter this and the system should be ready for use. Ensure there is a map DVD in the DVD unit.

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