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Reset Window Procedure - Anti-Trap and Global Closing

After disconnecting the battery it will be necessary to reset the window 'auto-trap' and 'global closing' feature.

Each electric operated window has a 'one-touch' facility enabling the window to be fully opened or closed in a single action. Pulling or pressing the switch and quickly releasing will close or open the window fully. If this doesn't happen and it only moves for the length of time you hold the switch then you need to 'reset' the windows (required after a battery change for example) and this also resets the 'anti-trap' feature.

  • Hold the window button down till the window opens fully then continue holding for a further couple of seconds
  • Release button when you hear a faint 'click'
  • Then close the window fully and once again hold until you hear the faint click.
  • Do this on all electric windows.

Global Closing

When locking the car, with windows (and sunroof) open, if you press and hold the lock button for longer than 1.5 seconds they will close automatically. Pressing the button again while global closing is in action will stop them closing further.

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